The AMX Serial Protocol Editor allows users to create and edit serial protocol files that are compatible with the AMX Inspired Signage players. These files facilitate the usage of human-readable commands to be translated into RS232 commands which are then sent to attached devices. For detailed instructions on using the editor, please see the Inspired XPress Programming Guide.

Step 1: Fill in the Manufacturer, Model and Target (type of device – monitor, NetLinx, etc)

Step 2: Click the Add Variable button below

Step 3: Fill in the fields to create a List Variable or Range Variable

Step 4: Once the variable lists are completed, click the Save Command with the last variable and then click Finish to save this build

Step 5: You MUST then convert the file to a format the player can understand by clicking Export XPress File before loading it on the player

Manufacturer Model Target

Variable List

Variable Name Type Command Text Actions